WhipIT Solutions can integrate any number of interactive web applications that you can think of, as in this fansite created for a local country music artist. The client was able to have a login system to edit an event calender. An online shopping cart via PayPal, which served also as an email list for newsletters. Rich content including a video, photo, and music page used to showcase the artist in style!

Sometimes, Less IS more. A site that gives a taste at first, lets visitors choose exactly what they want to see more of. But even the content on the home page, should be concentrated so the user may not HAVE to go any other further. Such as this site for a small landscaping business. The pertinent information is visible on the landing page such as services in general as well as important contact info.

The internet has turned into one of the main outlets of instant information and news. As with this site developed for a local radio station which prides itself onits new coverage for the area. Utilizing social media such as Facebook and Twitter, along with its stand-alone news staff are able to keep content current. News, Weather, Alerts, and Programming are all featured.